about the site

Firefox had been in the works for a long time. I think I had been planning on making a shrine to Vulpix a little after I got my domain, but before I was approved for its fanlisting. I was finally able to finish the shrine portion and put in online on May 2, 2014 for the Creature Feature marathon over at Amassment, which gave me the little push I needed to finally complete it. Why Vulpix? Because it is simply my favourite pokemon of all time.

I have a few favourite pokemon (some of which I plan on making a shrine soon), like Umbreon, Lucario, Gyarados and a few others. But my number one, the one I've loved ever since I was a child watching and playing Pokemon, the one that would immediately come to my mind whenever someone asked me what my favourite pokemon was––that pokemon was Vulpix. I think this pokemon became my #1 favourite as soon as I saw it in the games/anime. I was just a child at the time, I didn't reflect much on why exactly I liked Vulpix – I just loved it. But now that I'm older, I find myself a bit fascinated with my obsession with this pokemon. What exactly drove me to love Vulpix as much as I do?

I think it's because Vulpix is the perfect mix of what I like in a pokemon, that is: it's both cute AND powerful. In the anime, it looked like a really strong fire-type – I'll always remember how it basically created a fire tornado! I thought it was amazing. Then there's its physical appearance: warm colours, curly tails, big eyes – in my opinion, Vulpix is just a gorgeous pokemon. And this pokemon is both powerful AND cute? It's perfect! Not to mention fire is my favourite element. Actually, when I was younger, I really liked water-type pokemon like Misty, but I think fire was subconsciously my favourite element, because most of the pokemon I liked were not water-type, but fire-type. Then I grew up and I decided I liked fire better than water, so that's another thing I love about Vulpix, that it's a fire-type. Lastly, I must admit that I love foxes as well and have always been fascinated by the Kitsune in Japanese folklore and Vulpix is a fox pokemon – perfect combination!

I love Vulpix for all these reasons and I'm incredibly happy that I own its fanlisting and that I was finally able to finish this shrine. Vulpix definitely needs more love! ♥

As for the name of this site, Firefox, I think it's fairly obvious why I chose it. Vulpix is a fox pokemon and was obviously inspired by foxes; plus it's a fire-type. Hence I think Firefox is the perfect name for this tribute and fanlisting!