So, what's the best strategy for those of you Vulpix lovers who want the little firefox in your team? Well, I'm not sure I'm the best strategist in the world, but I can tell you what I do!

When I get Vulpix in my team, I try to get one with the lowest level possible, so I can teach it the exact moves that I want. I know that levelling up can be a pain, so my strategy for that is, either: a) use the daycare (but honestly I don't really use this option because I like controlling the moves the pokemon learns); b) use share exp.; or c) if you're playing a Pokemon game that allows it, you should battle the same trainers over and over so you can get more experience faster. Personally, I use a combination of (b) and (c), depending on the game. This way, I can tell Vulpix which moves to learn and which ones to let go.

So what are the best moves for Vulpix? Personally, I think Vulpix can learn some pretty powerful Fire moves, such as Flamethrower (power: 90), Fire Blast (power: 110) and Inferno (power: 100). These moves make Vulpix a great Fire pokemon to have in your team, in my opinion. My strategy is to give my pokemon the most powerful attacks, but you could also keep some Ghost/Dark attacks, since they are pretty cool attacks to have and it's nice to have a mixture of type of attacks. Don't forget that Vulpix can learn some pretty powerful attacks from TMs as well, such as Overheat (power: 130), Energy Ball (power: 90; this is a Grass-type attack, which could be good to have against Water/Ground pokemon, to whom Vulpix's fire attacks are not very effective) and Dark Pulse (power: 80; Dark-type attack). For move information on Vulpix's learnset, please see the moves list page.

Generally speaking, Vulpix is a very fast pokemon, with high Speed and Special Defense. Special Attack is also not too bad, just slightly below its Speed and Sp. Def. All its other stats are fairly average, but I think it's a very good pokemon as it is. The high Speed means it will most likely be the first pokemon to attack and if you use a powerful fire attack, you are probably going to defeat the opponent's pokemon in one hit. Its Sp. Def. give it good resistance against special moves, so it won't be defeated easily (unless you're up against a Water pokemon or something). Sp. Att. also means its fire-type and dark-type attacks will be stronger, and that's good, because those are the type of attacks that I usually give Vulpix.

I guess Vulpix's evolution, Ninetales, will be stronger than Vulpix, being an evolved pokemon and all. But if you love Vulpix, there's no reason to evolve it just to make it stronger; as you can see, if you use the right strategy, Vulpix can be pretty powerful too! So you can keep your lovely Vulpix in your team and be proud to have it! ♥

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