Vs. Fennekin

Since Vulpix was the very first fox pokemon and since the new starter of X/Y, Fennekin, is the same, I thought I would do a comparison of these two pokemon. Please note: even though I obviously prefer Vulpix over Fennekin, I like Fennekin as well and this comparison is just something fun that I thought of doing to make the shrine more complete.

First of all, both pokemon obviously look like foxes. Fennekin only has one tale and its colours are brighter than Vulpix's. Vulpix only has one evolution, while Fennekin has two. While Ninetales still looks like a fox, Braixen and Delphox look more human. They're both obviously inspired by the kitsune in Japanese mythology.

Looking at their stats, both pokemon have more or less the same ones; both have higher Sp. Def. and Speed over all stats. Vulpix has slightly higher Sp. Def. and Speed than Fennekin's, while Fennekin seems to have slightly higher Sp. Attack than Vulpix's.

The main difference I can see between those pokemon lies in their attacks: Vulpix learns Ghost-type and Dark-type attacks, while Fennekin learns Psychic-type attacks.

So which one should you have in your team? In my opinion, just go with whichever one you like best! I have yet to play Pokemon X/Y, but if I did, I'd choose Fennekin as my starter. I might swap it with Vulpix later in the game, just because I am attached to Vulpix. But both pokemon and their respective evolutions are pretty powerful, you might even want both of them in your team! Vulpix was obviously the very first fox pokemon and for a while it was the only fox pokemon; for that reason, and because it was the first ever pokemon I loved, it has a special place in my heart. Honestly, sometimes I wish Vulpix was one of the starters, but I'm happy to see a firefox pokemon as a starter anyway!

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